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License Email Has Not Arrived

License emails are automatically sent 5-10 minutes after purchase through the online store from [email protected], however you should allow up to an hour or two for delivery. If you haven't received your license email after this time please try the suggestions below.

Checking Your Spam or Junk Email Folder

If you haven't received your email after an hour or two, it is likely that a spam filter has caught it. Check your Junk Email or Spam folder to see if your license email was put there by mistake. In some cases you may have more than one Junk Email or Spam folder.

Checking Your Server's Spam or Junk Email Filter

Many enterprise email environments perform spam filtering on the email server itself. Instead of emails caught in the spam filter appearing in your email's Junk Email or Spam folder, they are instead available at a seperate web interface you may have to log into. Often you may also get emailed weekly or monthly spam summaries.

If your license email was sent to your work email address, please ensure that you've checked any such web interface. If you're unsure how to access the web interface, please get in touch with your email administrator.

Email Delayed Due to Greylisting

Some email servers have greylisting enabled, which will intentionally delay the delivery of an email for up to several hours as an anti-spam measure. Instead of accepting an email from a new sender immediately, an email server using greylisting will only accept it after a delay (as most spam bots won't wait this long). The license email will not appear in spam or junk email filters during this time. Please try waiting, adding a filter (see below), or reaching out to your email administrator to lower the greylisting delay time.

Adding a Filter or Junk Email Rule

If your license email can't be found in your Junk Email or Spam folder you can try adding a filter or rule to allow the license emails to bypass any spam email filtering. For example, to add a filter to Gmail to allow the license emails though:

  • Log into Gmail's web interface.
  • On the right select the Cog button and then select Settings.
  • On the new page select the "Filters and Blocked Addresses" tab, and then click on the "Create a new filter" link.
  • In the From field add "" (no quotes) and then click the Create button.
  • On the next page tick the "Never send to spam" checkbox, and then click the Done button.

You will then need to resend your license email using the Lost License form, which can be done automatically and instantly (please see Resending Your License Email below).

If you have entered a company or enterprise email address when purchasing, you may need to contact your IT department as often email filtering is done on the server. Some companies also block noreply email addresses, you may need to check with your IT department if this is the case and you haven't received your license email.

Resending Your License Email

You can also try resending your license email using the Lost License form.

If the Lost License form does not recognise your email address, you may have entered a different email address when you purchased Viscosity, or may have made a typo. In either case, please send us an email to our support address with your transaction or receipt number and we can check this for you.

What Next?

If you are still not receiving your license email, and your email address is recognised by the Lost License form, there are a couple of options. If you are using a workplace or enterprise email address, first contact your IT Administrator to ensure that there is not a system you cannot access blocking or capturing your license email.

Alternatively, we can send your license email to a different email address. To do this, please send us an email to our support address with your transaction or receipt number and we can assist you.