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License Details Are Not Accepted

Viscosity requires that the name, email address (for single-platform licenses), and serial number are entered into Viscosity exactly as they appear in the registration email. All fields are case-sensative, any spaces entered at purchase must also be entered when registering Viscosity, and extra characters cannot be added.

In most instances, if you are receiving an "Invalid License" error when entering your registration details into Viscosity, it is likely that either the name, email address, or serial entered do not exactly match those in the registration email.

If it appears the details are you entering match those in your registration email, please check the following points:

  • Ensure that you are entering the Name (and Email if applicable) fields exactly as listed in the license email. A different entered name will not be accepted. For example, if the Name field in the license email is your company's name, make sure you enter that and not your personal name.
  • When entering the serial, it is important to note that it is possible to misread a letter or number. Depending on the font of your email client, it is possible to mix up certain characters. Common examples include the number '1' and the letter 'I', and the number '0' and the letter 'O'.
  • If you are copy-pasting your license details into Viscosity from the license email, check that you are not inadvertently copying additional spaces or new line characters. Make sure only the name/email/serial is selected before copying. No spaces or extra lines should be selected. Please note that some email clients may automatically select additional spaces by default. If in doubt try entering your details manually.
  • If typing in your registration details manually, make sure they exactly match the details sent in the email. No extra spaces or characters should be entered into the fields. All letters in the serial are uppercase, while all the case of all characters in the name and email fields should exactly match the corresponding values in the registration email.

To switch from your email client to Viscosity when copy-pasting in your details, simply select the "Preferences" option from the Viscosity menu. The registration window will automatically reappear.