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Resending License Details

If you have forgotten or lost your license details, you can get your license details instantly sent again by entering your email address into the Lost License form.

Lost Your License?

Enter your email address below and you should receive your license details in a few minutes.

Don't Have Access to Your Email Address?

If you no longer have access to the email address associated with your license, our support staff can manually update your email address and resend your license email. You will need your transaction/receipt number for the purchase, and an alternative email address for us to send the license details to. Please provide these when getting in touch.

If you also no longer have your transaction/receipt number, please refer to the Retrieving Your Receipt Or Transaction Number article for information on how to recover this number, or for alternative details you can provide us. Please be sure you read all available recovery options before getting in touch.

Still Stuck?

If you are unsure what email address you used when you purchased Viscosity, we can look it up for you, or add a new email address to your purchase. To do this, we will need a copy of your PayPal Receipt number or Transaction ID. If you are unsure how to find this, please see Retrieving Your Receipt Or Transaction Number.

Bulk Resending

If you are a company that has lost track of your license details, and can't use the Lost License form to recover them, please get in touch with the transaction/receipt number/s for the purchase/s (as detailed above) and we'll recover the license details for you.

To maintain the privacy of users it is not possible for us to bulk resend or disclose details about licenses registered to a certain company name, or with an email addresses ending with a certain domain name. We find that many companies may share the same or similar name to a different company from another region/country; employees often make personal purchases using their work email address; and that without proof of purchase we don't know if the employee making the request is authorised to access and view license information.