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Educational Pricing

We're pleased to offer discounted pricing for certain registered educational institutions. Please refer to the sections below to check if your institution qualifies and available pricing. All pricing is in USD.

Pricing Options

Single User Licenses

If you are a student or staff member looking to purchase a personal license, please see Student and Staff Educational Discount

Per-Seat Volume Pricing

Educational volume discounts of up to 75% are available. Please view the educational pricing quotation page for pricing.

The minimum purchase volume is 10-seats. For volumes of less than 10-seats please use the standard online store. A seat is classified as an installed and registered version of Viscosity on a machine. For example, 10 computers all with a licensed version of Viscosity installed requires a 10-seat license.

Recommended For: Smaller department and school deployments where the install base size can be managed and platform use known.

Unlimited Seats (Site Locked)

Unlimited Seats (Site Locked): $1099

The Unlimited Seats (Site Locked) license is similar to a typical enterprise-style unlimited seats license. It covers all institution owned machines, including single-user and multi-user machines (such as computer lab environments). Privately owned machines of staff are also covered. Machines owned by non-staff, such as students, parents, visitors, and external contractors, are not covered.

Recommended For: Schools and universities that wish to license Viscosity for staff and institution computers or do not wish to worry about staying within a seat limit.

Unlimited Seats (Server Locked)

Unlimited Seats (Server Locked): $2099

The Unlimited Seats (Server Locked) license is specially designed for educational institutions and covers all potential VPN users, including staff, students, parents, visitors, and contractors. Instead of being locked to a site, the license is locked to specified VPN servers. Up to 5 server addresses can be specified, including wildcard DNS names (such as * and IP subnets (such as for multiple server coverage.

Recommended For: Schools and universities that wish to license Viscosity for both staff and student use to connect to internal resources.


Educational pricing is available for the following types of institutions:

  • Accredited primary or secondary schools providing full-time instruction for grades K-12.
  • Accredited universities or colleges that grant degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years full-time study.
  • Boards of education or school administrative offices.
  • Research centers or laboratories that are public institutions or wholly owned and operated by an accredited university.
  • Institutions approved in writing by SparkLabs.

An accredited school, university, or college, is one that is registered with, and approved by, the appropriate federal or state government educational body. The following are examples of institution types that do not qualify for educational pricing:

  • Unaccredited schools and religious organizations
  • Museums
  • Churches
  • Training centers
  • Private/for-profit research centers or laboratories

Making A Purchase

To make a purchase at the educational pricing rate please first generate a formal quote online using the educational pricing quotation page. Then when you're ready to proceed please get in contact with us and include the quote number.

If your institution has in place a formal requisition process we are happy to accept a purchase order sent via email or post. Please make sure the above information is included along with the purchase order.

Further Information

If you have any further questions, or require a formal quote before invoicing, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.