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End of Year Update

With the 2010 almost over we thought we'd take the opportunity to bring everyone up to speed with what we're working on and what we have planned for early 2011 (we're working hard, honest!).

We are very excited to have finally reached the beta phase for the Windows version of Viscosity. If you use Windows (or know someone who does) we'd love for you to download the latest beta and take it for a spin! We need your help spotting bugs and shaping features, so we'd appreciate any comments you can offer. For more information, and for access to the beta, please see this page. Once we're confident all bugs are squashed we will release the full version (we except this to happen very early next year).

Viscosity for Mac hit its two year birthday a couple of months ago, which was a great milestone! We have been working hard on adding features and making general improvements since its release. Looking forward, version 1.3 is in the works, which squashes some bugs, adds improved enterprise and provider support, and greatly eases deployment to end users. We expect version 1.3 to be fully released early next year.

We appreciate all the feedback and interest you've expressed for Viscosity Server. We're very, very keen to have a beta release available as soon as possible, which is likely to be early next year. Our initial plan was to have a beta version available before Viscosity Windows, however based off user feedback we decided to make it our priority to release Viscosity Windows first. We'll be doing everything in our power to bring Viscosity Server to you as soon as possible! We have been promising some sneak peaks, and while we don't think the interface is ready yet, hopefully the following screenshot (of the main status window) will tide you over! Just remember, it's still a work in progress!

We know that many of you are not fans of PayPal (who we use as our primary payment provider). To that end, we have teamed up with RBS Worldpay to allow us to offer a faster and more streamlined store. Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing the new store online, which should hopefully alleviate any issues with PayPal and make purchasing Viscosity much simpler. Paying via PayPal will of course still be an option.

Finally we want to say thank you for your support, great feedback and suggestions, and purchases, all of which allow us to focus on developing great software. Our products wouldn't be the same without you!

Viscosity for Windows Beta Signup

We're very pleased to announce that Viscosity for Windows has hit beta phase! If you've got a knack for breaking things, able to offer well written bug reports, and willing to offer constructive feedback, we'd love to include you as a beta tester!

Simply click here to visit the beta signup page. You'll get early access to Viscosity for Windows, help shape its features, and a limited number of free licenses will be given away to those who provide the best bug reports and feedback.

Celebrate Viscosity's Birthday!

Viscosity turns two years old today! To celebrate we're giving away 10% discount codes (for a limited amount of time) to anyone who follows @spark_labs on Twitter!

If you don't already follow our Twitter account, no problem! Simply visit our Twitter page, click the Follow button, wait a few seconds, and then visit the link below.

Click here to visit our promo page and instantly claim your 10% coupon code.

Viscosity 1.2 Released

Version 1.2 of Viscosity is now available! Version 1.2 is a free update, and includes many new enhancements, such as:

Version 1.2 Mac Release Notes:

Ability to organise connections into folders (submenus)
Ability to import directly from a server running OpenVPN-AS
Ability to disconnect connections when the computer has been idle
Avoids incompatibly problems with the Cisco AnyConnect client
Improved performance and memory usage
Improved OpenVPN-AS support
Changes to IPv6 behaviour
Connected/Disconnected scripts are now copied into connection
Updated localizations
OpenVPN upgraded to version 2.1.2
Various bug fixes and enhancements

The 1.2 update can be automatically installed from inside Viscosity, or downloaded and manually installed. For support with this version please visit

Viscosity Featured in pfSense Book!

We here at SparkLabs are big fans of pfSense, using it to manage both our work and home networks. We also know a great number of Viscosity users connect to routers running pfSense, so we were very happy to see Viscosity featured in pfSense: The Definitive Guide by Christopher M. Buechler and Jim Pingle.

"If you use OpenVPN frequently, Viscosity is a much nicer client and well worth the cost."

As well as covering a great deal about network setup, the book also contains an in depth section dedicated to setting up pfSense to act as an OpenVPN server. It contains a great deal of information about how to configure and use Viscosity to connect to your pfSense router.

We highly recommend picking up a copy of pfSense: The Definitive Guide if you are interested in setting up your own pfSense OpenVPN server and using Viscosity to connect to it.

Check out the website for more information.

Viscosity 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of Viscosity, a free update, is now available! This new version includes many new enhancements, such as:

Version 1.1 Mac Release Notes:

PKCS11 (token/smartcard) support
Ability to run AppleScript scripts when a connection connects/disconnects
IPv6 Support
DNS servers/domains can be edited using the GUI
Support for pushed WINS servers
Connections can be duplicated
Greater controllability using AppleScript
Editing enhancements
Updated TUN/TAP drivers
Various bug fixes and enhancements

The 1.1 update can be automatically installed from inside Viscosity, or downloaded and manually installed. For support with this version please visit

New Website!

We've finally put the finishing touches on our new website, so welcome! Feel free to take a look around - hopefully you'll like what you see!

Our new site was a long time coming, however it brings together important information about what we are up to, as well as providing better support for our products. Some of the big improvements include:

  • New Support Page: We've put together a completely new support page with a much larger and more detailed Knowledge Base for all of our products. We'll even be significantly expanding the contents over the coming weeks, so if you run into a problem or have a question you'll have it solved in no time!
  • Faster Downloads and Updates: All software downloads and updates are now distributed via a worldwide Content Delivery Network. Everyone should now see significantly faster downloads and in-app updates, particularly for those users outside the USA. Our web server is certainly sighing in relief!
  • Newsletter & Blog: We encourage you to subscribe to our new newsletter. We'll only be sending it out when we have important information, such as new software, updates, and beta releases, so you won't get spammed to death! In addition, we'll be posting the latest SparkLabs news, thoughts, and answers to common questions on our Blog.
  • Twitter: We've finally joined the Twitter ranks, and hope you'll stop by and say hello, or follow us to keep up to date with software releases and news.

Over the coming weeks we'll be adding more content, and posting up more information and beta signups for upcoming software (such as Viscosity Server). So don't forgot to stop by later on!

For now, we hope you enjoy the changes. Feel free to stop by the forums if you have any feedback or comments about the new site or our software!