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Using Viscosity Beta Versions

Beta versions of Viscosity are versions that are published more often and contain the latest features, improvements, and bug fixes. Beta versions are recommended for those who like to have access to new features early, for those encountering a bug that has been fixed, or for those that would like to help test Viscosity.

However beta versions often contain experimental features and improvements that may be incomplete or require further testing. Beta version of Viscosity are not recommended for those requiring heavily tested and stable releases.

If you'd like to subscribe to beta versions of Viscosity please follow the steps below. Beta versions are available for both Mac and Windows copies of Viscosity.

  1. Open the Preferences window from the Viscosity menu.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Tick the "Automatically check for updates" option if it is unticked.
  4. Tick the "Include beta versions" option.


  5. Click the "Check Now" button to immediately check if a beta version is available.

Viscosity will automatically notify you when updated beta versions are available. To unsubscribe from future beta version the "Include beta versions" option can be unticked.