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Sharing Credentials and Scripts with Multiple Connections

Viscosity allows you to share scripts and login credentials with a folder of connections. For more information on scripting in Viscosity, please check out our guides for Mac and Windows, both guides also contain some example scripts to get you started. Like scripting per connection, Mac supports AppleScript scripts, and Windows supports Visual Basic Scripts (*.vbs) and Batch Scripts (*.bat).

The first time you save a Username and Password login for a connection in a folder with shared credentials enabled, the credentials are instead saved for the folder. Any other connections which connect after this will use those credentials if they are in the same folder.

If you have a connection which already has its own saved credentials and place it in a folder with this feature enabled, they will continue to use their own credentials and they will not be shared with other connections. If you wish to utilise this feature, we highly recommend you clear any saved credentials you already have in Preferences -> Advanced (Windows) or your Keychain (Mac).

If you have a connection which already has it's own scripts, these scripts will continue to be run as well if the connection is in a folder which has shared scripts.

If a server rejects your saved credentials for a folder, you will be presented with the option to retry using the existing credentials or change them. If you change the credentials here they will be updated for the folder and other connections will use the new credentials from there on.

Getting Started

To get started, first you will need a Folder. You can reuse an existing folder, or create a new one by going to + -> New Folder.


You will then see the new folder in your connection list. To set it up, Edit the folder by double clicking its name, or selecting it and clicking Edit in the bottom right corner of the Preferences screen.


In the Edit Folder window, you will have two tabs. The first tab allows you to set the name and to enable shared credentials. To share credentials, tick the checkbox Share saved credentials for connection in this folder. We also recommend you name the folder something meaningful to you.


Next click the Advanced tab. Here you will be able to set shared scripts. To set a script, click Select... then browse to the script you wish to use.

Note: Scripts are imported by Viscosity. If you make any changes to the original script, you will need to go back to Edit Folder -> Advanced, clear the old script and browse to the edited script once again.


Once you have setup your folder, click Save. Next, drag the connections you wish to share credentials and scripts together into this folder.


That's it! The first time you save your username and password for a connection in this folder, those credentials will be reused by any other connection in that folder. And any scripts you have set will be run for every connection you place in the folder.