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OpenVPN Configuration Generator

OpenVPN Configuration Generator, or simply openvpn-generate, is a simple tool designed to make it much easier to get started running an OpenVPN server. It can handle generating OpenVPN server configuration files, and help generate and manage user certificate and keys. It's freely available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

As we've previously mentioned, we have an extensive list of tutorials for setting up an OpenVPN server on a variety of platforms. However the point where many users get stuck has always been generating the files needed by the OpenVPN server. Generating files, such as the configuration file, Diffie-Hellman parameters file, server certificate and key, and certificate and key files for clients, can be complex and confusing. Tools like EasyRSA sadly don't make it particularly easy, and on macOS and Windows require downloading large external frameworks just to run.

The OpenVPN Configuration Generator aims to solve this by providing an easy-to-use command line interface that quickly allows generating these files with secure defaults. This tool is designed to be simple and fast to use: its focus is on the generation of the files needed by OpenVPN and nothing more (it is not an OpenVPN server itself).

The OpenVPN Configuration Generator tool can be freely downloaded from here, and we also have detailed documentation on how to use it in our Knowledge Base. We recommend using it alongside one of our server setup guides, however the files it generates will work with any OpenVPN setup.

We're also pleased to report that we've made the source-code for the OpenVPN Configuration Generator tool available as well. Note that it does link with Viscosity's core framework, which for obvious reasons is not included.

We hope the OpenVPN Configuration Generator tool makes it easier to get started running your own OpenVPN server. For feedback or enhancement requests please don't hesitate to contact us.