BSOD KMODE exception

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Post by udicomag » Sun Mar 19, 2023 11:55 pm
hello Sparklabs,

using viscosity in the latest version on win10, fully patched.
Haven't made used the VPN for a couple of months but when trying now,
I am getting a BSOD as soon as I try to access a ressource after connection.
Doesnt matter if I ping, use HPPTS or RDP, first packet crashes Windows.
I do not experience the KMODE BSOD in any other situation except when
trying to use Viscosity. I would guess there is a glitch between Visocsity virtual network NIC
and one of the latest Microsoft patches.
Any Idea ?



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Post by Aaron » Mon Mar 20, 2023 8:45 pm
Hi Bernhard,

It's highly unlikely that Viscosity's driver causing the blue screen: it would almost certainly be third-party software that is binding to the VPN network interface and then crashing, causing the blue screen.

Common causes include firewall and network security software, filtering software, and bundled software that comes with many machines (for example, in the past we've seen some bundled Wi-Fi management software with Lenovo laptops that caused a blue screen when attempting to attach to a VPN interface). You'll need to try temporarily uninstalling any such software and see if that resolves the crashes. Please also ensure that your copy of Viscosity is the latest version (currently 1.10.5).

If you are still stuck, it should be possible to tell the cause of the blue screen by looking as the crash report/dump. It should list the kernel driver responsible for the crash. For information on how to check this please see: ... top-errors

If you still think Viscosity is responsible, or would like further help debugging, please send us a copy of the .DMP file for the blue screen and we’ll take a closer look. Please see the "Memory dump collection” section at the link above for how to enable this and where to find the .DMP files for a crash. Please note that these files can often be quite large.

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