Viscosity do not work with my VPN Provider BUT it used to work fine

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Post by juliussmoker » Mon Nov 06, 2023 5:01 am
Hey! Here is the story. I have Viscosity on my mac, I have list of VPNsecure me VPN's paid ones. During summer it worked perfectly when I used vpnsecure me list of VPN's in Viscosity, but after that it does not want to open VPN's of vpnsecure me although I have other VPN service and it works fine with Viscosity. What should I check or what they might change in their VPN product, if their own application VPNSECURE for mac works and eats all VPN finally, working perfect. But I love Viscosity, Vpnsecure app is ugly and I don't like it. So please help me with any ideas why this might be so. Thanks


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Post by James » Wed Nov 08, 2023 7:10 am
Hi juliussmoker,

VPN Service Providers will typically generate OpenVPN configuration files you can import into Viscosity, however these typically include certificates that are also designed to work for a period of time before they expire (typically several years). After this time, you'll need to download the latest OpenVPN configuration files from your VPN Provider and import them into Viscosity again.

Sometimes a VPN Service Provider will also make changes that may break their OpenVPN configuration files: for example they may change the addresses of their VPN servers, may generate completely new certificates for their VPN servers, etc. Like above, downloading the latest OpenVPN configuration files from your VPN Provider and importing them into Viscosity should do the trick.

If you're using the latest OpenVPN configuration files, and you've checked with your VPN Provider that they should work, then I recommend checking the connection log for more information: ... connection

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