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Viscosity. OpenVPN Client For Mac & Windows
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Key Features

Viscosity has been designed from the ground up for both macOS (10.11 to 10.14) and Windows (7, 8.1 & 10) users.


VPN For Everyone.
Completely configure OpenVPN connections through an intuitive interface, without any need to know complex commands.

Proven Technology.
Viscosity is in use everywhere, from small business to Fortune 500 companies, schools, universities, at home and on the road.
Traffic Statistics.
Viscosity monitors your OpenVPN connections to ensure you know all the important network and connection details in style.


DNS. Done Right.
Viscosity fully integrates with Mac OS X's advanced DNS system to allow custom DNS servers and search domains to be used while connected.

Enterprise Support.
Easily bundle Viscosity with settings and connections so your users don't have to worry. Create simple deployable connection profiles.
System Protected.
The Mac's keychain and Windows's credential system are used to make sure your details are kept safe and secure.


Script Everything.
Control Viscosity using AppleScript, or call custom AppleScript or Batch/Vbs scripts when a connection connects or disconnects.
More. Much More.
Smartcard/token (PKCS#11) support, menu folders, multiple connections, OpenVPN-AS support, proxy integration, IPv6, and more!


Features For IT Administrators


Viscosity has been designed from the ground up for both Mac OS X and Windows to provide a premier and native experience on both platforms. This makes is easy to deploy a single solution to all of your users, without the expensive of having to train support staff and users in the use of multiple clients for different platforms.

Supported Software

Viscosity is commercially supported software. We stand behind our products: if you run into trouble, need help, or would like advice, we are only an email away. There is no need to try your luck on mailing lists, or attempt to hunt down developers for support.

Viscosity is in use everywhere, from small business to Fortune 500 companies, schools, universities, at home and on the road. You can use deploy Viscosity with piece of mind that it has been constantly tested and refined for almost any network environment.

Smartcard and eToken Support

Viscosity supports PKCS#11 authentication, allowing your users to use devices like smartcards and eTokens for authentication. You can use these devices as the sole method for authentication, or combine with other authentication methods to create two-factor, or even three-factor, authentication. This helps you meet strict security polices, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Deployable Connection Profiles

Viscosity connection packages can be exported and distributed to users, providing an easy mechanism to provide users with connections (and all associated certificates, keys, and scripts) in a single package where providing a fully bundled version of Viscosity is not suitable.

Runs Under Both Standard & Admin Users

Viscosity can run under both administrator accounts and standard user accounts, for both Mac OS X and Windows. This makes deploying Viscosity to machines that are not department controlled/imaged (such as machines at a user's home) much easier and simpler.

OpenVPN Access Server Support

Viscosity is fully compatible with OpenVPN's Access Server (OpenVPN-AS) product. While users can import their OpenVPN-AS configuration file manually, Viscosity also provides a simple and fast Import From Server feature which automatically downloads configuration information from the server and creates a connection in Viscosity.


Bundle Viscosity With Connections & Settings

Viscosity can be bundled together with connections and pre-configured settings so Viscosity is ready to go as soon as it is installed, with no configuration required by end users. Viscosity makes this simple and easy to achieve for both Mac (instructions) and Windows (instructions) versions.

Viscosity also provides a number of extra customisable settings to help Viscosity fit into your networking and security environment, including the ability to change Viscosity's username and password storage behaviour and global scripting.

Ease of Use & Reliability

Viscosity has a clear and intuitive interface for controlling VPN connections, allowing users new to VPNs and Viscosity to easily use OpenVPN on both Mac OS X and Windows. In addition, Viscosity's Details window provides a simple interface for obtaining connection statistics and diagnostic information to pass on to support staff.

Viscosity has been in use for years in all sorts of environments, from small business to large enterprise. In that time Viscosity has been constantly refined to automatically adjust to a huge variety of network conditions to ensure your user's connections are reliable and trouble-free as possible.

Automatic Actions

Viscosity allows custom scripts before a connection connects, when it connects, or it disconnects. This allows common tasks to be easily automated, such as connecting to file servers and mounting shares, opening web pages, opening applications, controlling other applications, and displaying messages to the user. Viscosity supports AppleScript scripts under Mac OS X, and both Batch (.bat) and Visual Basic/VBS (.vbs) scripts under Windows.

Conditional Connections

Viscosity's conditional connections mechanism makes it easy to have Viscosity only connect to a VPN searcher on certain networks, or only under certain conditions. A custom "Before Connect" script can check for certain conditions (such as the wireless network the machine is connected to, the IP address, location, etc.) and decide whether to allow or terminate the connection attempt. This helps avoid situations where connecting via a VPN may affect performance or be redundant (such as connecting to a workplace VPN server when the machine is already physically on the work network).

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