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Purchasing Viscosity

Viscosity is free to use for the first 30 days. After this period it is necessary to purchase a license to continue using Viscosity.

Purchasing Viscosity

A license for Viscosity can be purchased using a variety of payment methods from our online store. An email will be sent after purchase containing license information that can be entered into Viscosity to fully activate it.

Different license types are also available depending on your needs. Please see License Types for more information.

Volume Discounts and Educational Pricing

Discounts are available for volume purchases. When using the online store simply adjust the quantity to see an instant volume discount. Volume discounts through the online store start at 5 seats, with the discount level increasing as the quantity goes up.

Discounted educational pricing is also available for eligible educational institutions, as well as discounts for students and staff. Please see Educational Pricing for educational institution pricing, or Student and Staff Educational Discount if you are a student or staff member making a personal purchase.

Invoices and Vendor Forms

An invoice can be automatically generated for purchases through our online store. For more information please see Downloading An Invoice.

Sadly, we can't accept purchase orders or fill in new vendor forms for orders below 50 licenses. For orders of 50 or more licenses purchase orders can be sent to our Sales email address listed on our Support page. For smaller orders our online store can be used.

Online Store Troubleshooting

Our online store is designed to accept a variety of payment methods and work on most desktop and mobile devices. If you are encountering a problem making a purchase please see if it is covered below and please contact us if you're still stuck.

The purchase was not successful as charging your credit/debit card failed

Such an error typically indicates that one or more of the credit card fields were entered incorrectly, or the address information does not match what your bank has on file. Please double check that the credit card number, expiry date, and security code are correct, and that the address information is correct. Your bank may reject the payment attempt if it looks fraudulent, such as when having incorrect or invalid address, country, or zip code information details.

Special card types can also fail for other reasons. If using a debit or pre-paid card please ensure that sufficient funds are available. Please be aware that in rare instances some company and pre-paid cards may have location limits placed on them. In these instances it is necessary to contact the issuing bank and approve purchases from Australian merchants.

The purchase was not successful as charging your PayPal account failed

When making a payment using the PayPal option the above error may occur if there are insufficient funds in your PayPal account or attached funding source. Please try adding funds to your PayPal account or ensuring that any attached credit card or bank account details are up-to-date and valid.

PayPal may also block payments from IP addresses it deems suspicious or it has seen fraud from in the past. If making a purchase while connected to a commercial VPN Service Provider please try disconnecting or using a different network and see if the error persists.

400 Bad Request Browser Error

Our payment provider's processing SDK requires that Javascript is enabled and a reasonably recent web browser is used. If Javascript is unavailable, a web browser extension is interfering, or the web browser does not meet the minimum requirements listed below, a 400 Bad Request error may be displayed when attempting to make a purchase. Please note that in these instances you have not been charged.

Desktop Browser Requirements: Safari 8+, Internet Explorer 9+, Microsoft Edge, Firefox latest, Chrome latest. iOS Browser Requirements: Safari 8+, Chrome 48+ (iOS 9+). Android Browser Requirements: Native browser 4.4+, Chrome, Firefox.

To resolve the error please enable Javascript in your web browser, temporarily disable any ad-blocker or browser extensions, or try from a different up-to-date browser or device.