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Available Payment Methods

Viscosity can be purchased from our online store using a credit card or PayPal.

Online Store

Viscosity can be purchased online via credit card or PayPal from our Store page. All major credit cards are accepted. The online store accepts MasterCard or Visa directly, Amex and Discover via the PayPal gateway, or PayPal. License details are emailed out immediately after purchase.

Using The Store Without Making a PayPal Account

While our online Store uses PayPal as the payment gateway for some payment methods, it is not necessary or required to have (or make) a PayPal account to complete a purchase. MasterCard and Visa can be used directly with our online store, or Amex and Discover can be used via the PayPal guest checkout. To pay with Amex or Discover without creating a PayPal account, select the Amex / Discover option from the online store, then click Process My Order. At the next page, select Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Please note that if you don't see the above option, it may be necessary to ensure you are completely logged out of PayPal (if you have logged in previously). To do this, visit the PayPal site directly and log out, and/or clear your web browser's cookies. Alternatively you can simply use a different web browser to make the purchase.


We do not currently support Bitcoin as a payment method for purchases. However we are keeping a close eye on the status of Bitcoin and support may be added to the online store in the future.