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Private Network instead of Unidentified Network (Win 10)

Would it be please possible to provide a setting in Viscosity that would set the successfully established openvpn connection as Private Network in Windows 10? At the moment any vpn connection made by Viscosity is categorised in Windows 10 as "Unidentified Network" which triggers automatically the Public Network setting (see screenshot).

This has then an adverse effect for my Firewall where I need to open ports for Public Networks to make things work, which I am very hesitant to do, as I often access proper public networks as well.

Hi doffactory,

I must confess I haven't looked into this for a while but I believe the following is still relevant:


Please give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Hi Eric,

I read this and I tried to set it in the TCPv4 settings of the viscosity VPN virtual card settings. However, I get the following error (screenshot):

Am I doing anything wrong?
Hi doffactory,

You need to edit your connection in Viscosity, not Windows, and then follow the instructions in the forum post I linked. There is a more step by step guide for adding a route here - ... connection

Thanks for the help, seems like working.
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