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Shows connected but is not.

So a BIG issue this is, cause my killscript wont be run by Viscosity du to it beleives its connected to a VPN
as the green markings indicate im connected by Viscosity, but Windows tell a compleatly diffrent story marked in orange.

this pretty much makes me open to being spotted when using torrents, or ill have to find another way of killing my torrentclient when not connected to VPN.

Hi frodrick,

Could you please check the event viewer for any errors - ... nt-viewer/

As a test, please connect, and then force terminate openvpn.exe in task manager, does Viscosity respond correctly?

Nothing with eventviewer, only 4 logs saying service started sucessfully.

Killing the openvpn makes connection drop, and a total restart of viscosity requierd to get connection again.
Hi Frodrick,

None of this is normal Viscosity or Windows behaviour, you should not need to restart Viscosity to reconnect after killing OpenVPN, and your tunnel should not be able to drop without Viscosity knowing about it. I'd highly recommend doing a scan for malware on your PC or consider reinstalling Windows at this stage.

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