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dns issue with viscosity on windows 10

windows 10 using viscosity: it cannot browse external websites because of dns issue, when I look at dns config, I could see it has been setup with and then when I add an alternative dns, it works. I set this under wifi adaptor setting but after user get disconnected from viscosity and for the next time gets connected to another wifi in other location, the same dns issue happens, even user cannot browse any website before connecting to viscosity. it looks like viscosity change dns config and when it get disconnected it does not revert to the default dns setting.
I found some similar topic, but no clear solution. and I was wondering if this issue has been fixed in the last version of viscosity for windows (1.7.12) . if not any fix for this issue?
Hi myvisocisty33,

Is remaining after you disconnect a connection? I'm afraid you haven't made this clear. It is normal operation for to be used while connected but it should not remain after a disconnect.

If you would like to not use the VIscosity DNS system, you can tick the Use Windows DNS System checkbox under Preferences -> Advanced, however this can cause DNS leaks to occur.

ok, you said it is a normal operation for to be used while connected, but my question is why it cannot browse external website any more? and I have to set an alternative dns ?

Could you please provide us with some more information on your connection. Are you sending all traffic over the VPN or just some? Are you able to provide us with a complete copy of your log once connected - ... envpn-log/

it has been set to Automatic (set by server).
this is the visosity log ( dns part) :

nov. 02 13:08:11: State changed to Connecting
nov. 02 13:08:12: do_ifconfig, tt->ipv6=0, tt->did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup=0
nov. 02 13:08:12: open_tun, tt->ipv6=0
nov. 02 13:08:12: TAP-WIN32 device [irtyyt] opened: \\.\Global\{1007A27A-1674-4680-A7E7-88EBEDDFD1F1}.tap
nov. 02 13:08:12:
nov. 02 13:08:12: Successful ARP Flush on interface [4] nov. 02 13:08:16: Initialization Sequence Completed
nov. 02 13:08:17: DNS set to Split, report follows:
Server - DNSServer1; Lookup Type - Split; Domains -,,
Server - DNSServer2; Lookup Type - Split; Domains -,,
Server - [::1]:53; Lookup Type - Any; Domains -; Server is not reachable and will not be used.
Server -; Lookup Type - Any; Domains -

Please do the following:

Go to Settings -> Network & Internet -> Status
Down the bottom, on the right, click Network reset
Click Reset now, then reboot when prompted.

The loopback addresses are being retained after you disconnect, this is not normal behaviour. If this occurs again, please let us know and also please let us know either what happened (e.g. a crash) or what you did when it occurs.

Hi Eric, I've had a few crashes that I think are related with the loopback addresses being retained after disconnecting. How do I make sure that's actually what's going on and what do I do to fix it?
Hi Muniz,

No application should be crashing because DNS is unreachable. Are you talking about a particular application crashing or Viscosity itself, or do you mean your PC is bluescreening or freezing?

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