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Beginners Question on routing


I have a question regarding the Viscosity Client and routing. I have set a VPN killswitch for some programs through the Windows advanced firewall, so that if i lose VPN connection that program is denied access to WAN.

I want however to tighten the security a bit by making sure all traffik in and out goes through the VPN interface.

My internal network gateway and computer is at / 24.

When i open the viscosity client and go to route, i find myself a bit confused as what to enter where.
The default gateway should be (My home router). And when i click the plus sign to add a new route, the destination should be the internal network created when i connect to the VPN network which is ? Am i thinking this right, or do i switch it up?
Hi Sparven,

This would depend on what you're trying to route and where. The following articles may point you in the right direction: ... lications/ ... fic-leaks/

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