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Huge issues with details window

I'm using your program for more than 2yrs now, and all of a sudden, the details windows is broken.

When I click the details button on any of the connexion I have, the details window opens, but once we click for e.g. ''Logs'', the details window behave awkwardly.

Or the details window totally disappear, or only a portion of it is getting displayed, and the 3 buttons available inside details, aren't clickable.

It will be the 2nd update that you're providing and the issue still persists. I even tried to download the beta version no go.

I uninstalled / installed Viscosity, again same thing.

It gets reaaaalllyyyyy annoying !!!

I'm using the latest Windows 10 version, with the latest stable Viscosity version.

How can it be fixed ?!
Hi Slizz,

We've certainly never had a report like this before. I'm on Windows 10 and use the details window daily and haven't noticed anything like what you've described. It sounds like you're having a graphics rendering issue on your PC. It would be worth ensuring your graphics drivers are up to date and maybe even running a repair on .NET - ... x?id=30135

I've tried what you've suggested to fix the issue, and after everything, it remains broken.

I executed the Microsoft.NET framework repair tool, and it found 2 issues that have been fixed fast.

My Nvidia driver is up to date.

Like I said, it opens 1st time, once we click ''Details'', but once the window is opened and we click one of the 3 buttons, it's breaking. I have to use the task manager to kill the process, because I can't close it by clicking the red X.

Beside that issue, I have 0 problem on my Win10 install.

I really don't know where to look for atm.

Is there any type of logs related to the GUI, specially the details window, I could send your way ?
Also, I even tried to use TeamViewer from my iPhone to see, and got the same results. The details window is broken.

So I don't think it's related to my GPUs.
Hi Slizz,

Could you please attach a screenshot of what the details window looks like broken? As previously mentioned we've never seen an issue like this before so it must be an environmental issue with your PC. If we can do something to correct it we will. Your PC is still rendering your screen via desktop sharing like teamviwer, so I'm afraid that doesn't really provide extra information here.

I'm afraid there won't be any logs you can collect, though please check the event viewer for any errors around the time the details window is breaking - ... nt-viewer/

Edit - The mention of a red X just occurred to me that you are probably seeing the legacy Details Windows. This only appears if Presentation Foundation is damaged on your PC. Please download the latest .NET installer here and run it - ... or-windows

If asked, choose to repair, otherwise the installer should just run, then reboot. If the problem persists after this you are missing some Windows files, you will probably need to reinstall Windows.

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