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List Connected Connections (Feature Req?)

I understand that Viscosity doesn't have a direct way of listing currently-connected connections -- one needs to loop through all connections, get state ( posting.php?mode=quote&f=9&p=7534 )

That gets unnecessarily tedious when one has 1-2K connections.

I use single-adapter mode (see the 1-2K possible connections above), and a direct method to get currently-connected connections would be really useful so I can close any current connection before opening a new one.

Is this a feature you could add?

I suppose I could cache the name of the last-used connection, etc, etc, but it's not foolproof; better I get that info directly from Viscosity.

Hmm, wait, you use parts of openvpn/client under the covers, correct? Perhaps I could interrogate its admin/management port or some such?

For something much more low-brow, in your opinion would it be better to interrogate 1-2K connections to find the 1 connected one, or simply kill/restart Viscosity.exe?

Pls advise.
Hi Tek,

Killing Viscosity.exe would most likely leave the openvpn connection intact, you would need to kill openvpn.exe.

We'll add your request to our feature list.

Thx, Eric. Related, is there a way to turn on the openvpn management interface so I could telnet into and query the management port?
Hi tek,

Viscosity is using the interface so I'm afraid there is not a way to query it. If you have a requirement to use the management interface Viscosity may not suit your requirements.

Nah, I don't "need" to query the openvpn management interface; my thought was to do so for connection information while this feature request is being worked on. But if Viscosity itself is using that interface, well, that's that :-) Thx for your input.
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