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How do I remove/revoke my license on a computer?


I plan to use my viscosity license for personal use on my office computer (2nd installation). However, due to the nature of my work, I may be transferred to other place won't be using the same computer again. My understanding is, as long as I remember to uninstall viscosity on that office computer, my license will still be usable as this articles says ... computers/

Now the question is, what if I forgot uninstalling viscosity on that computer, is there a way for me to remotely deauthorize my license on it?
Hi ykrn,

As long as the license is not used again on that computer it does not count as an active seat. If the computer you were using is reimaged, or your user account never logged into again, the license will not be used.

In other words, it is better if I remember to uninstall it completely before I get moved to another place, just to be safe.

Thank you for your help
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