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Tray menu frequently won't close

This happens several times each week and I have to kill the process from Task Manager and restart it to make it go away. It would be great if this could be fixed!


Windows 10 Pro, all builds since I installed Viscosity
Hi akulp,

Are you able to elaborate on what's happening? We've never heard of the tray menu not closing before. Is it a case of you open it and then it won't respond to clicking on it? Or you can't find a way to close the menu without wanting to click on something?

As in, it ceases to respond. I can't click menu options to do anything, and clicking on or away from it does nothing. It's just stuck there. Happens often, but not every time.
Hi akulp,

Next time this happens, can you open Task Manager and go to the details tab. Find Viscosity.exe and let us know how much CPU and Memory it's using.

Also, can you let us know the version of Viscosity and Windows you are using.

Windows 10 Pro, Version 1709, Build 17074.1002
Viscosity: 1.7.6 (1540)

I'll check task manager next time it happens.
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