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Viscosity Task Scheduler Commands

Hi, I did set Viscosity Client to run through Task Scheduler which works perfect with no issue. but i need help with a command line to add under the argument or start in section that will trigger a certain action to Viscosity with event logs that was generated from event viewer
Example. when my connection interrupts and Viscosity fails to reconnect i need a command that will trigger an event to ensure that viscosity is connected to my server. hope am well understood?
Hi bobby_holla,

I'm afraid Viscosity has nothing built in that will be able to trigger events like this. You would need to make a script that asks Viscosity on the status of a connection every minute for example and then generate the event yourself.

Ok i get it. i can generate events ID myself, but can you help with me a command scripts that will run repeatedly to reconnect if my network disconnects and Viscosity fails to reconnect. and a script that will trigger each time i connect to a wifi and whenever a network is available on my PC.
Hi bobby_holla,

This isn't really something you can script. I believe Windows Task Scheduler has options to trigger a script or event when you connect to a network, you may wish to look there, otherwise you will need to develop a script or program that is constantly running to monitor your network, this isn't really something we can help you with as you'll need to know what you're doing and invest a decent amount of time developing and testing any method you use.

If Viscosity is failing to reconnect after a drop out, I recommend you check the log for why this is happening and try to fix the problem there rather than brute forcing a reconnect as you can create other problems doing so.

Ok thank you for your support
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