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Hi all, I am fairly new to openvpn/Viscosity and am in need of some assistance. I have installed Viscosity and created the keys thanks to the tutorial. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate, Netgear R7000 router with DD WRT firmware (fresh install.) I have configured the router and a new connection per tutorial however it will not connect. The log shows error code 10054-connection reset by peer. I also noticed that the virtual network adapter changes from disabled to enabled and 'network cable unplugged.' I apologize if this topic has been covered. I searched and was unable to find a solution. Thanks for any help!
Hi Digitialdusk,

This is normal behaviour for the network adapter. Could you please post a complete copy of your log and we can have a look what is going on - ... envpn-log/

Hi Eric, Thank you for reply. I ended up starting from the beginning again and now have a new problem. In Cygwin, when trying to use 'copy' I am getting a command not found error so I guess there is a problem with the path. I suppose I could move files around in Windows but don't know if I will run into more problems with other commands later. Any help is appreciated! P.S. I would post logs from earlier attempt but they are gone.
Hi Digitaldusk,

"Copy" isn't mentioned to be used as a command at all in Cygwin in the DD-WRT guide. I recommend you read the guide very carefully again and follow it closely. In Cygwin, the guide mentions to use 'cat' to output the contents of files and then copy them into your clipboard by highlighting them and copying them into your clipboard, the same way you would copy text from a web browser or document.

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