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Split DNS broken with 1.7.3?

Since I updated to 1.7.3 my Split DNS config stopped working with the following error:
"Server is not reachable and will not be used"

If I rollback to 1.7.1 it works flawlessly
Hi vFondevilla,

We're not aware of any issues. Do you mean 1.7.2, which is the current Windows version? Or are you referring to the Mac version (which is currently at 1.7.3)?

If you're using the Windows version, a copy of your log and routing table (the output from the "route print" command) while connected with version 1.7.2 would be greatly appreciated so we can debug the issue. Please feel free to censor out any sensitive details before posting them here, or you can send them to our support email address instead. ... envpn-log/ ... ng-problem


I can confirm the trouble with DNS resolving. It's definitely not the routing. I can ping the hosts in the VPN-Lan just fine.

Code: Select all

nslookup 'hostname.domain'


Code: Select all

Address:   ::1

DNS is set to split. report follows:
Server ...; Lookup Type - Split; Domains xxxx.; Server is not reachable and will not be used.
In this log there are also to local dns-entries from the host-Lan listed. Those are also listed with the same error.
Hope this helps.

The same happens to me after updating to 1.7.2
Setting the parameter to "Full" works OK
I will submit the output to support
Hi All,

We believe we have found the issue and just released a new beta. Could you please give the latest beta a go (1.7.3 Beta 2) and let us know if the problem is resolved or if you continue to experience issues with Split DNS - ... -versions/

Same problem here: after upgrading on a couple of win10 machines, DNS stopped working at all when connected (not only split DNS, but also default DNS resolution).
1.7.3 Beta 2 seems to fix the problem
Thank you.

thanks for the quick fix. I tested the beta and can confirm that it's now solving hostnames as expected.
Thanks again.

Hi All,

Thank you for your feedback, we do appreciate it!

1.7.3 has now been released with this fix and is available on our downloads page or via updating.

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