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Issue with traffic since upgrading to 1.7.0

Have been running a stable setup for a while using Viscosity 1.6 connection to a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter running firmware 1.9.1 (which uses OpenVPN 2.3)

Since upgrading to Viscosity 1.7 we can connect OK from multiple machines and are able to ping devices behind the EdgeRouter, however all other traffic fails - I thought I had fixed the problem by exporting, deleting and re-importing the connection settings, however the problem returned. Uninstalling 1.7 and reinstalling 1.6.8 resolves the issue and the connection works normally again.

In summary:
- Authentication (cert and username / password) passes OK
- Can ping all devices at the far end of the tunnel without issue
- No other traffic (eg HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, DNS) works
- Cipher is aes-128-cbc and LZO compression is disabled
- No errors are logged on the EdgeRouter
- Downgrading to 1.6.8 resolves the issue

Are there any settings on 1.7 that need tweaking to work with OpenVPN 2.3 servers or anyone have any thoughts?
Hi markjw,

Are any errors appearing in Viscosity's log when traffic is failing? ... envpn-log/

no errors are logged in Viscosity - also 1.7.1 beta 3 seems to be working so far
spoke too soon - getting the same problem with 1.7.1. beta 3 now as well, however I am getting errors in the Viscosity log

May 28 18:50:08: Bad compression stub decompression header byte: 102
May 28 18:50:11: Bad compression stub decompression header byte: 102
May 28 18:50:18: Bad compression stub decompression header byte: 102
repeated multiple times

This is odd as that seems to be related to LZO compression which I have set to Disabled
Any thoughts?
Hi Mark,

You probably have an interim LZO compression mode in your config which OpenVPN 2.4 does not like. Edit your connection and go to options and set Compression to Off, then go to the Advanced tab and remove any lines starting with comp-lzo.

thanks Eric - will have a look at the settings.

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