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Lack of Most Required Feature (Mass Import Configs)

When i found viscosity i thought finally i have found a vpn client that is going to be on my mac and windows both for life as i have 11 VPN companies and instead of using their software it will be great to have all companies in one client configured and use which one i need but after installing viscosity i found out that the most important feature is missing. I know i can import configs but if i have a VPN company which is providing me more then 2000 configs for each server then how am i suppose to import them all? Wasting my time to import all those configs one by one is not something anyone would like to do. I started with nordvpn and they provided me 2264 open vpn configuration files now after importing few i realized i still have 10 more vpn companies to configure and how am i going to import them all and how much time it will take so i stopped and started to search the forum to find a solution and once again a great news appears that i am not able to do it finally as there is no MASS IMPORT option available in viscosity. Seriously? How come this feature is not included? Is it even going to be in next update? If yes then how long is it gonna take?

Next i found out which ever settings i use DNS Leak did not get fixed with viscosity until i found this solution

In my condition i have to import more then 16000 configs from all 11 vpn services i use. i know i must be sound crazy but my work requires me to have those vpn companies as each one of them have some unique location i use and sometimes i have to switch to new location which maybe can pop up any time so if that config is not loaded in viscosity then i have to start struggling again and import that location before i can start working and mean while i may lose the my customer.

In short MASS CONFIG IMPORT is required and MUST HAVE option in viscosity since VPN companies are not sticking to 1 or 2 configs they provide thousands of configs to import.

I hope this can be implemented in next update and hopefully i will start using viscosity.

Appreciate you work on viscosity Sparkslab this post is not to disappoint but to aware you like before people did about this feature.
Hi Xorro,

First, I highly recommend you enable Single Adapter Mode, as you probably don't want adapters for each of these connections, or at the very least, disable "Create VPN network adapter on import" in Preferences -> Advanced - ... e-windows/

As a foot note, I have no idea how Viscosity is going to handle this many connections, for example if you will hit any limits of what Windows Lists or context menus can handle.

To import from folder, go to + -> Import Conection -> From File...
Enter the folder you wish to import from
Down the bottom right, change the File Type from "OpenVPN/Viscosity Config" to "This Folder"
Click Open

This will import any connections that can be found from the current folder and any sub folders.

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