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Small display bug in tray menu on Windows

When an ampersand (&) is included in the name of a VPN connection, it is invisible in the name when listed in the right-click tray menu. I suspect the ampersand must be changed to && to escape it:,-menu,-or-control
Hi trj,

Thanks for the report.

This should only be happening if you are using the ampersand with no spaces after it, or is this the case? Either way we will investigate and get this fixed up.

Thanks for looking into it. Our company name has an ampersand in the middle, so without publicly disclosing my employer, the format is "Blank & Blank". I called the profile "Blank & Blank VPN". It shows in the menu as "Blank Blank VPN" (the forum formatting is removing it, but it does look like two spaces between "Blank" and "Blank".
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