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Viscosity disconnects immediately after connecting

Having problems here.

I am running the latest Viscosity client (uninstalled and reinstalled on Windows 7 tonight) and as soon as the client connects they get disconnected.

If I export a zipped config file from the problem client and import in to OSX running latest Viscosity client for Mac it works fine. I know tis not a problem with the server or openvpn config file.

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Dec 16 9:51:16 PM: Data Channel Encrypt: Cipher 'AES-256-CBC' initialized with 256 bit key
Dec 16 9:51:16 PM: Data Channel Encrypt: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication
Dec 16 9:51:16 PM: Data Channel Decrypt: Cipher 'AES-256-CBC' initialized with 256 bit key
Dec 16 9:51:16 PM: Data Channel Decrypt: Using 160 bit message hash 'SHA1' for HMAC authentication
Dec 16 9:51:16 PM: Control Channel: TLSv1, cipher TLSv1/SSLv3 DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA, 2048 bit RSA
Dec 16 9:51:16 PM: [focussurvey_server1] Peer Connection Initiated with [AF_INET] xx.xx.xx.xx:1194
Dec 16 9:51:17 PM: MANAGEMENT: >STATE:1481889077,GET_CONFIG,,,
Dec 16 9:51:18 PM: SENT CONTROL [xx.xx.xx.xx]: 'PUSH_REQUEST' (status=1)
Dec 16 9:51:18 PM: PUSH: Received control message: 'PUSH_REPLY,route,dhcp-option DOMAIN xx.xx.xx.xx,dhcp-option DNS,route,topology net30,ping 15,ping-restart 60,ifconfig'
Dec 16 9:51:18 PM: State changed to Disconnected
Hi illum007,

Please edit the configuration and go to the Advanced tab. There, on a new line, add:

verb 5

Save the connection and then reconnect, hopefully this will give us some more information as to what is going on.

Please also check the event viewer for any reports from openvpn or Viscosity.

I am experiencing a similar problem. But with only one particular connection. I have tried to re-create the connection twice and the only thing that seems to work is to reboot or exiting the Viscosity app and starting it up again. my 5 other connections work fine.

Here is the connection log:

Code: Select all

May 25 8:23:08 AM: State changed to Connecting
May 25 8:23:08 AM: Viscosity Windows 1.7 (1507)
May 25 8:23:08 AM: Running on Microsoft Windows 10 Home Insider Preview
May 25 8:23:08 AM: Bringing up interface...
May 25 8:23:09 AM: Checking reachability status of connection...
May 25 8:23:09 AM: Connection is reachable. Starting connection attempt.
May 25 8:23:09 AM: Options error: --proto tcp is ambiguous in this context.  Please specify --proto tcp-server or --proto tcp-client
May 25 8:23:09 AM: Use --help for more information.
May 25 8:23:09 AM: OpenVPN has exited.

The OpenVPN subsystem could not be started. Please check the following:
- Check for any error messages above this notification.
- Ensure ViscosityService is running.
- Make sure the configuration is valid

May 25 8:23:09 AM: State changed to Disconnected
Hi miqueltango,

It looks like you've found a bug in the connection editor, we will get this fixed in a new beta as soon as possible, please keep an eye out for 1.7.1 Beta4 in the next few hours - ... -versions/

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