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Split DNS automatic configuration ?

I like a lot Split DNS. I used it a lot with old Cisco IPsec VPN clients, and now with windows 10 pseudo-random dns server selection algorithm (based on interface metric), I really need Split DNS.
I'm playing with viscosity VPN client. Split DNS works, but in a enterprise scenario I need an automated way to set it up automatically to my future VPN users.
I would like to better understand some topics:
[*]Which server options are used build the "VPN domain list"? push "dhcp-option SEARCH dom1 dom2 dom3" ? push "dhcp-option DOMAIN dom" ? Both ?
[*]Enabling Split DNS: can it be done at the server level via some "push" option ? What does "automatic" really mens on as SplitDNS option on the client ?
Thank you very much.
Hi giox069,

Any domain set in the client config or pushed via "dhcp-option DOMAIN <domain>" is used as a split resolver.

More information about DNS Modes can be found here - ... #dns-modes

These modes can also be pushed via "push dhcp-option DNSMODE split" for example.

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