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Split DNS - DNS remains as after crash

As the subject line says, I'm using Split DNS, and everything works nicely. The only exception is when my laptop crashes with Viscosity running. When it starts up again, the DNS remains set to but of course Viscosity is not listening on that IP any more. I have to manually change DNS back to use DHCP, then I'm able to re-establish the VPN.

This is not a major issue now that I know how to resolve it, but it did cause some confusion the first time I experienced it.

I'm using Windows 10 Home 1607 build 14393.351 x64.

Hi btherl,

There has been some changes to the current beta stream to try and harden Viscosity to recover in the case of a bluescreen/crash. Please give it a go and see if it helps - ... -versions/

Thankyou Eric!

I won't try it just yet as I'm a bit hesitant to use a beta version, and the workaround is fairly easy. When I do try it and my laptop crashes (which is too often unfortunately) I'll let you know how it goes!

Hi Brian,

Viscosity 1.6.7 was released last week which includes the aforementioned fix.

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