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Do not disable NIC after disconnect


is there a possibility not to deactivate the NIC after disconnecting from the VPN?

Reason: I have a software where I can choose a favorite network interface for all traffic. Unfortunately, this configuration gets lost once the NIC is deactivated :-(

Thanks in advance. And great client!!
Hi ste,

Sort of. Edit the connection and go to Advanced. Remove the line beginning with 'dev-node', and then tick "Don't Create a network adapter for this connection". Save the connection.

What Viscosity will do now is use the first adapter it finds to use for that connection. So enable the interface (it shouldn't have been deleted) and Viscosity will no longer manage that adapter. Keep in mind though, if something goes wrong with the interface, Viscosity will not correct it. While under normal operation this shouldn't happen, depending how your other application hooks into the adapter, it may cause connection issues.

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