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TLS key negotiation failed - Windows fails but Mac works

I've located the problem. When I started to analyze the log files from both Viscosity on the Mac and Windows I noticed a configuration problem. Under Windows, Viscosity was attempting to connect using UDP; the Mac is using TCP which is correct. Manually changing Viscosity in Windows from UDP to TCP fixed the problem.

I believe there is a problem with the Windows version parsing the .opvn file during the import. The Mac version works correctly. Below are the lines from the configuration file that should set the parameter.

# Are we connecting to a TCP or
# UDP server? Use the same setting as
# on the server.
proto tcp
;proto udp
Hi rjensen,

Would you mind posting (as an attachment) or emailing us a copy of your .ovpn file so we can take a look? Adding the lines you've posted (with the semi-colon comment) seems to be parsing fine for us and Viscosity Windows is designed to ignore lines beginning with a semi-colon. The issue might be an encoding issue with the config file you are using that Windows isn't handling correctly.

You are of course welcome to replace any sensitive information. If you do though, could you please import the file again after you have made any changes to make sure the issue still occurs.

I've sent the .opvn file to [email protected]. Please let me know if you need any additional information.
Hi rjensen,

Thanks for sending that along! We've identified the bug and will include a fix in the next beta we release today.

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