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Viscosity aborts sleep when closing the lid

I have a Windows 10 XPS15 laptop, when connecting to VPN using Viscosity if I close the lid the laptop starts the sleep process but 1 or 2 seconds later I hear a windows "ding" which is from Viscotity losing internet connection and disconnecting the VPN.

It also has the side effect of keeping the laptop awake/aborting the sleep process even though the lid is closed.
Hi kayone,

No application should be able to abort the sleep process. Viscosity certainly isn't able to in our testing. It sounds like you have Always On Always Connected enabled, or closing the laptop lid isn't actually putting the PC to sleep, just into a lower power state. With Always On Always Connected enabled, applications can still do small amounts of processing when the PC is told to go to sleep, which would allow Viscosity to throw errors like this if your laptop is disabling its WiFi module for example. After a few seconds, the laptop should be going back to this low power state.

Alternatively, you may wish to change closing your laptop lid to Hibernate instead of Sleep.

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