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Not reconnecting after waking up

In both the stable and beta versions my copy of Windows 10 no longer attempts to reconnect after waking up. It used to until somewhat recently, and i've tried every permutation of uninstall/reinstall stable/beta uncheck/recheck-options (including Connect when Viscosity Opens, Start Viscosity at Login, and Reconnect active connections on wake). Reimporting VPN settings does nothing.
Hi ugexe,

Could you please connect to your VPN, put your computer to sleep, wake it up, wait about a minute and then post a full copy of your log, hopefully this will show us what is going on. ... envpn-log/

I have the same issue with Windows 10, and

here is my log after waking up:
Jan 22 1:08:09 PM: State changed to Disconnecting
Jan 22 1:12:16 PM: State changed to Disconnected


James B. Kirk
Hi James,

Are you on a wireless or wired network?

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