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Appending DNS Suffix when DNS turned off


I have been using Viscosity for years, and love the product. This is the first time I have come across an issue that I have not been able to work around, and it is related to the new DNS modes.

I need to use the on-site DNS, so I set the DNS mode to "Disable".

Even with this set to Disable on my only connection on this machine, when I connect the VPN, it appends a DNS suffix to my NIC, tun0.viscosity.

Now, I believe I can set Viscosity to force this to whatever I want, but I am wrong to think that the Disable DNS mode is not working as intended?

Any help here would be appreciated.

Hi Hammsandwich,

The latest beta has a resolution to this.

Please try updating to the latest beta by going to Preferences -> General, ticking Include Beta updates and clicking Check Now.


Thank you for the quick reply. I can confirm the beta (1.6.2. (1422) Beta3) is working better, as it does not remove my other DNS suffixes. It does still however append the "tun0.viscosity" suffix to the top of the list. Is this still intended behavior?


Thanks again for your help.
Hi hammsanwich,

Yes, this is intended behaviour to ensure VPN Domains are not used, it should have no noticeable effect on resolutions or suffixing.

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