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1.6.1 Application Freeze when Auto-Connect Enabled - Win 10

When set to launch at startup and a profile is set to connect automatically the application will freeze after a few minutes and become unusable until the process is killed and restarted.

I believe there is some sort of race condition between the client application starting and the backend service not being ready.
Hi rps,

The backend service should be ready before a user logs in as is the state of Windows Services, so this will not be causing the issue.

On a computer this is occurring on, please open the Details Windows straight away and then watch the log to see what happens. Could you please post a copy of the log before this occurs.

In the case of Viscosity being frozen, is the memory or CPU usage high? Does OpenVPN need to be killed as well or is it not running? Does the Viscosity Icon indicate that Viscosity is connected or in another state?

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