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New DNS seems to fail when there is more than 2 subdomains

With the most recent update, I'm no longer able to resolve VPN addresses that have more than 2 subdomains.

Hitting will not resolve, but hitting will resolve.

The workaround seems to be making all DNS go through the VPN tunnel. This works but slows down everything.

I might start another topic for this one, but it gets indefinitely into a reconnecting state when waking up from sleep mode. Have to explicitly disconnect/connect to recover.
Hi kfow35,

This is by design. Viscosity will only match host names to their immediate parent domain. This is done for both security reasons and it has been the default behaviour of linux type systems for some time. You will either need to set extra domains where they are needed or continue to use Full DNS mode.

In regards to Viscosity not reconnecting, the log might show what is going on - ... envpn-log/

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