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Use the same "roaming" LoginInfo.xml on multiple machines?


i use 4 different PC's and its a pain to keep all in sync, so each has the same VPN servers listed and already entered user/password.

I tried to hardlink the "AppData\Roaming\Viscosity\" folder to a cloud filesystem, but it seems the hashed user/password combination is unique for each machine? I assume some salt is added thats unique per machine.

Is there a way to centralize the settings/passwords so if i add a new server+password on one machine, all other machines see this change?

Hi Andy,

I'm afraid by design this isn't possible. If the login details file is taken from your computer it is designed to be as hard to break as possible, and this includes making it machine dependant.

If you have control of your VPN Servers, or your VPN Provider is willing, I would recommend switching to a login method that doesn't require a username and password, whether this be certificate authentication or OTP.

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