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ViscosityService Fails to allow reconnection

Initial startup everything works fine. After disconnecting the ViscosityService disallows any interaction with Viscosity. For example, right and left clicking on the system tray icon does nothing. Once the service is stopped, the menus will work from left/right clicking on the tray icon. I've tried different combinations of stopping and restarting the service along with the executable and haven't been able to obtain a 2nd connection without having to restart the computer. I'm using windows 7 32-bit (build 7601).
Hi robot24,

Can you please open up the Details window, go to the Log (Third icon in the middle), and see what the last thing is to appear after you disconnect when you lose control of the tray icon? Also after disconnecting, can you still interact with the Details window?


I can't interact with the Details window after disconnecting. Note, this doesn't seem to occur if i disconnect immediately from the initial connection, but rather after using the connection for like an hour or so.

If i leave the details window open during the connection, and then after an hour or so disconnect, there is no change in the log.

Nov 17 03:45:42 Initialization Sequence Completed
Nov 17 03:45:43 State changed to Connected

Clicking on the details window just responds with a Windows Error (check for a solution, close, wait)
Any ideas as to what might be happening or how to fix it?
Hi robot24,

We've been trying to replicate the problem but have so far been unsuccessful. Due to the problem not arising until being connected for a while this is requiring even longer to find it.

Something you can try for us though, when Viscosity becomes non-responsive, instead of killing ViscosityService.exe, could you try killing openvpn.exe instead (if it is still active) and see if Viscosity becomes responsive again? We're currently working on the theory that openvpn.exe is failing to exit and Viscosity is getting stuck waiting for confirmation.

Also, are you able to email a copy of your configuration to [email protected]? Please feel free to remove any sensitive information. There may be a specific setting causing an issue.


yea i'll give it a try early next week when i return from vacation.

- robot24
openvpn.exe is not active after disconnecting

also which 'configuration' are your referring to - computer, viscosity/vpn?
Hi robot24,

We are referring to the VPN Configuration, as exported from Viscosity (Select the configuration in Preferences, click the cog then select Export).


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