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Connect before login in Windows


Is there any way to have Viscosity to connect before the user login with his credentials to the windows logon?

Thanks in advance.
Hi jnevesacr,

I'm afraid this is not something that Viscosity can do, however it is a feature we are exploring for a future release.

This is crucial for us and I believe many companies would like to have it.

When you talk about a future release... Is it near future?

Hi jnevesacr,

Our target is for this year, I'm afraid I can't give you anything more specific than that at this stage, I encourage you to keep an eye on our blog for future announcements though.

Hi! we're also looking for a pre-login service controlled VPN capability. The vanilla openvpn interface just doesn't cut it and Viscosity is a much more mature product, so we'd definitely like to see this feature!

I was running into the same issue and wanted to use viscosity because well it's awesome. My particular situation requires the computers to login to a domain and some computers are mobile and not in the office.

So I used a program called alwaysup and in my case what I do is trigger the command "viscosity.exe connect "my connection".

After a little tweaking it works perfectly and has lots of options and scripting is also possible.

here's a how to guide

I hope this helps someone in the end it was really simple.
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