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Feature request: Kill switch

I'm new to the forum so this has probably been requested before but is there any plans on adding a kill switch in the future?
Hi stackundertheother,

Thanks for the feedback. I'm afraid it's not something we currently plan on adding, however the following guide walks through how to add a Kill Script type feature to Viscosity via the use of Viscosity's scripting support: ... fic-leaks/


I don't think the script is enough. Viscosity should be able to operate in a way where it automatically disables all network traffic until a VPN connection is established.

When I say "disables all network traffic" I'm not talking about what happens on the script. It should be not about turning interfaces down, it should somehow block all traffic in a similar way that the littlesnitch/hands off firewalls are able to do without bringing the interfaces down (maybe unroutable default route?)

Use case example: someone always uses a VPN to go online. Right now between the time the computer starts / comes back from suspended state and the users connects to some VPN multiple Apps are able to connect to the internet and leak data around. This is why this feature is needed.

Thank you.
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