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First: you're vpn client is great. thanks for that.

We support dozens of companys, for all of them we use seperat connections. It would be great to have a sort function (by ABC) in the client overview.

Is that maybe possible?

Thanks from switzerland
Hi juerg,

Thanks for the feedback - it's much appreciated! We'll take it on board.

Hi James

Do you have news about this topic?

Hi Juerg,

We take all feedback on board, however I'm afraid we can't make any promises if or when we'll adopt any suggestions.

I could really use this feature as well. Should be easy to implement. Additionally I would like to see a search function. Finding a VPN connection between a list of more than 100 tunnels is no fun.

The whole reason I bought the client is because OpenVPN GUI has a connection limit of 50.
Hi aapje,

Thanks for the feedback. These are both features we would like to implement and are on our list. I'm sorry we can't give you a solid timeframe of when they might be added.

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