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Feature request: LAN DNS for specific domain


I would like to request a kind of "reverse split DNS" option, i.e., allow the user to specify a DNS and a domain that does _not_ use VPN, and have everything else go through the VPN. Use case would be a LAN with a local domain and DNS, together with a general privacy VPN. Using VPN DNS in such a configuration makes the LAN DNS unavailable, and the current split DNS option defaults to the LAN DNS, causing DNS leaks.

The UI for this feature could be just another menu option, such as "LAN DNS", and the existing fields for domain and DNS would just have something like "mylocaldomain" + "".

Hi Arkku,

Thanks for the feedback - we'll take it on board.

As a tip for in the meantime, if you're a Mac user you should be able to pull this off by setting Viscosity's DNS for your connection to Full Mode, and then creating DNS resolver files in /etc/resolver/ for the domain/s to override to your local DNS servers. I'm afraid documentation for it seems a little sparse, however the following links should help: ... ver.5.html ... 2902195410

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