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Syncing Configuration Multiple Computers

Thank you for a wonderful product! I appreciate the simplicity Viscosity provides.

I am interested to know if there is a roadmap item for a feature to synchronize settings and configurations automatically between computers?

I am a macOS user and as such I have multiple Mac computers. I use a program called Unison to bi-directionally sync data among the computers. In this case I synchronize the configuration and settings of Viscosity. This process has worked well for me.

From a convenience perspective it would be nice to not manually process the synchronization process like I have been doing. Having said that, I don't think this is a simple matter of just using Dropbox or similar services due to the nature of the data (settings and configurations) to be synced. I strongly presume encryption is required to ensure confidentiality.

Random thought... integrating Cryptomator would assumingely allow for any hosted-storage service to be used and theoretically provide the confidentiality required.

In any-case, no matter the technical direction, my feature request is to have a secure method of unifying the settings and configurations among various computers.

Thanks again for a wonderful product!

Kind regards
Hi Cyclone71,

Thanks for the feedback - much appreciated. A syncing feature is definitely something that is on the cards.

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