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Suggestions for Viscosity

Hello everyone!

I have a few suggestions that would make Viscosity better, at least for me.

- A menu option that allows you to directly disconnect an active VPN connection. I have my VPN connections organized in folders, so it is a bit of a pain in the butt navigating through all the sub-.folders until I finally reach the "Disconnect xxx" option. You could add a quick-access disconnect option right below the "X Active Connection/s" indicator in the menu.

- An option to permanently store the Network Traffic Statistics (TCP/UDP In, TCP/UDP Out, TUN/TAP In, TUN/TAP Out), so the statistics don't reset to 0 when disconnecting and establishing a new VPN connection. That would allow me to see how much VPN traffic I use overall. You could add a checkbox under the General tab, something like: "Keep history of total VPN traffic used".

Hi User,

Thanks for the constructive feedback - it's much appreciated!

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