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Per-application traffic stats

I regularly use Apple's Activity Monitor to see how much bandwidth an application uses.
For traffic over OpenVPN, the traffic is attributed to Viscosity (or it's underlying openvpn client).
I'd love a way to know which actual application is responsible for the traffic, either in the Viscosity interface, Apple's Activity Monitor, or even some other tool (e.g. netstat in the command line).
Hi MacFreek,

Activity Monitor should still be reporting the network statistics for each application. You should still see the sent and received bytes for each application no matter if a VPN connection is active or not.

When a Viscosity connection is active you should see traffic for the "openvpn" process created by Viscosity. This is the total amount of encrypted traffic for the VPN tunnel itself. This will vary from the total amount of traffic from other applications depending on your VPN configuration. There will be some overhead from the VPN tunnel itself, however it may also be less if compression is enabled on the VPN connection. For example, if you downloaded 1MB of data using Safari and another 1MB using Mail, Activity Monitor should still show 1MB against Safari and 1MB against Mail, but also around 2MB for the openvpn process.

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