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Cmd-Q not in menu but active

When the Preferences window is opened, Cmd-Q quits Viscosity. It shouldn't do it as the keyboard shortcut doesn't appear in the menu and anyway it's not appropriate for Viscosity!

So please, James, add this fix to the wish list...
Hi jbaret,

We've actually received feedback from both people wanting this removed, and people wanting it to stay (after we initially nuked it during one of the early betas). I'll look into removing it further, however at this stage I'm thinking a middle ground solution might be best (such as "Are you sure you want to quit Viscosity?" type message if Cmd-Q is pressed while Viscosity is in focus).

I would really like a message like "Are you sure you want to quit Viscosity?" if a connection is active. Ideally, there would be no warning if a user chose to log out, restart, or shut down, but I'm not sure how possible that is.
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