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Request: Split tunneling based on Application

When using split tunneling, rather than determining IP's to be split under the Networking > Routing option, I'd like to be able to simply select a running Application and choose whether all that App's traffic either does or doesn't traverse the tunnel.

As users might want to choose to either include or exclude in this scenario, one implementation of this might be to add a new toggle option for either "Send only the following Applications' traffic over the VPN" / "Send all but the following Applications' traffic over the VPN" with a list box for the selected Apps below.

Perhaps this could be done under the hood based on some combination of PID and netstat or lsof -i (see ) ?

Hi bobdobalina,

It is something we've been working towards, however it is horribly complex to pull off.

Associating a TCP/UDP connection with a process is actually quite easy, as is incepting these connections (firewalls do it all the time), however that's about the point you become stuck. Under Windows and most popular Linux distros you can then bind this connection to a particular network interface, however Mac OS X has no such functionality.

We're definitely bringing such a feature to Windows, and we're working on a different approach on Mac OS X that we hope will end up working, however it is probably still quite some time off (assuming it works).

Thanks for the feature suggestion - we love getting input from our users!

Any updates on if this will be able to happen? I've done some searching on how to pull this off by just isolating certain ports (the applications I want using the VPN use different ports for their internet communication), but haven't been able to decipher what exactly I need to do in order to get that to work.

If it's too hard to select applications to force onto the VPN, is there a way to force communication over certain ports onto the VPN and leave everything else on the default gateway?

Thank you for such a great product!

Edit: If I can at least get Viscosity to force specified ports onto the VPN and leave the rest of my traffic alone, I am definitely buying. I've been testing the product for a couple weeks and so far this is the last thing preventing me from committing to buy. Again, thank you for a great product!
Hi modulus16,

Please see: ... lications/

Has there been anymore information released about this? I read through the link James had posted, and since it has been awhile I am curious if this feature has been added to the Windows version yet. If so where could I find some information on how to use this. If not, any progress been made?

Hi Stryder,

This feature is still in development, I'm afraid we still have no ETA.

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