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Only Access VPN Clients

Hi. I was wondering if it is possible to configure Viscosity to only use the VPN connection to communicate with other machines using the VPN?

Hi g00se,

It is possible. Generally it's easiest if you have control over the OpenVPN server you are connecting too. The recommended approach is to add the "client-to-client" command to the OpenVPN server's configuration file, and then don't push any routes. That way, the VPN connection is only used for the VPN subnet, and you'll be able to communicate with other connected VPN client machines.

If you're not in control of the VPN server, things are a little trickier. You'll have to hope that either the server is either configured with the "client-to-client" command, or that its routing is set up to forward traffic between OpenVPN clients. Many commercial VPN Service Providers will intentionally block traffic between connected VPN clients. Assuming traffic between OpenVPN clients is possible, you can prevent all other traffic from going through the VPN connection by adding the command "route-nopull" (without the quotes) to the Advanced Commands area for your connection: ... n-commands

I am using PiVPN on my own machine, so I assume that I have access to the config file. What is it called and what should I add to it?
I recommend getting in touch with the developers of PiVPN for those details - I'm afraid we have limited experience with it.

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