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Viscosity and cryptoapicert option

I'm using Viscosity 1.7.12 on Mac OS Mojave and I'm trying to setup a connection with cryptoapicert "SUB:" option enabled to a pfSense endpoint.
Unfortunately I'm unable to connect and I get the following error:

"Options error: The command "cryptoapicert" or one of its parameters is invalid for this version of OpenVPN (2.4.6). Please edit the connection, make sure the command is valid, and try again."

Reading this article ... -commands/ I thought I was able to use that option. What am I missing?

Thank you
Hi viciovbuk,

The "cryptoapicert" option is only available on Windows. It relates to accessing the Windows certificate store. It does not exist on macOS and so cannot be used for connections under the Mac version of Viscosity.

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